Who is this Artist Paula Robinson?         
With a love of art that goes back to her childhood, artist Paula Robinson of North Texas, finds inspiration in many places.  "The amazing symmetry of flowers, the gracefulness of trees, the charm of children, the beauty of landscapes, the enchantment of animals, and the delight that clouds and sunsets seem to give our spirit are just some of the things that inspire me as I draw and paint," Paula says.                                       

Paula's art is described as realistic, with a touch of abstract.  Her art is the discovery and the excitement of how shadow and value awaken the eye to the shape and perspective of a picture done in charcoal and graphite, as well as with a picture done in paint.  Paula will frequently study a subject first by drawing it, then turn to painting.              

Paula has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Eastern Illinois University and holds teaching certificates in elementary education and special education. She has studied drawing the human body at Tarrant County Community College, and has attended art workshops and classes conducted by Ellen Ranstrom, Johnny Liliedahl, Bruce Peil, Melody Martin Ramirez, Benny Wood, Fran White. Barbara McFarland and Margie Whittington.  She has painted numerous commissions and has exhibited her work in Grapevine, Roanoke, Ft. Worth, and Southlake, Texas.              

Paula's memberships include the Trinity Arts Council; P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Sorority), Community Bible Study, the Plein Aire Friday Group, the Grapevine Art Project, and P.A.I.N.T (Professional Artists In North Texas).   Her work has won awards at a Trinity Arts Council Juried Show.              

Paula operates an art business she calls "Touching Hearts With Art", a name derived from the profound effect of art on the individual.
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